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Keith Andrews is a visual artist living in Calgary, Canada, an hour’s drive from the Canadian Rockies, which provide him inspiration from majestic mountain scenery year round. Keith works primarily in black and white acrylics, and is known for the intricate detail he brings to his birch-wood panels.


Exploring techniques learned from artist and mentor Terry Isaac since 2003, and drawing inspiration from photographers Nick Brandt and David Lloyd, Keith strives to carve his own niche into the genre. Through his passion for conservation of wildlife and their natural habitat, he works to inspire others to help protect our planet by shining a spotlight on natural beauty.



A note from the artist

As a Wildlife and Nature lover, I have always cared deeply about the conservation of our planet. I want future generations to be able to experience nature in all of its beauty in the same way that I did as a child. 

However, making a true difference can feel overwhelming.

Shock tactics seem to be on the rise on social media and I am concerned that we are turning people away instead of engaging them.

It is with this in mind that want to focus more on the positive side of conservation. Where does the money donated go and what difference has it made already.

How can we feel good about what has already been accomplished and motivated to do even more?

I have decided to begin work on what I am tentatively calling "The Conservation Series". These will be one of a kind 12" x 16" paintings where ALL proceeds will be donated to the charity that best defines the subject of the individual painting.

If this is successful, I would like to expand this to larger paintings as well.

Looking for art for your Conservation group?

If you would like an original painting created specifically for your group, please contact me to see if I have time available. I try to budget time out of each day for creating artwork that can be used specifically for fundraising.

Since each painting can take 6-8 weeks of full time work to complete, I have limited spaces available.

Thank you,

Keith Andrews